Association of Asia-Pacific Business Schools

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Subject College of Management, National Sun Yat-sen University, Taiwan (NSYSU) - New Member Survey

College of Management, National Sun Yat-sen University, Taiwan (NSYSU) - New Member Survey


Why does your institution want to become a member of AAPBS?

Please explain:

We want to become a member of AAPBS for three reasons.


First, AAPBS is an association with a great reputation. Members of this association are leading business school in this area. As a leading business school in Taiwan, joining AABPS is highly valued.


Second, exchanging experiences with other leading business schools. Through attending the conferences hosted by AABPS, we are able to exchange our unique experiences with other partners and discuss the challenges and collaboration opportunities of innovative education in modern business schools to continue providing high-level curriculums that meet the diverse demands of the global business sector.


Third, forming partnerships with other members. To offer our students different learning opportunities, we seek possible collaborations with other member universities and encourage academic exchange and cooperation to fully cultivate the talent among institutions.



How did your institution learn about AAPBS?

Please explain:


We learned about AAPBS mainly from existing members. Several other leading business school in Taiwan are members of the AABPS, e.g. National Taiwan University. Their faculty member introduced the AAPBS to us. In addition, we also learned the detail about the AABPS from the official website, which makes us believe that AAPBS is an association we need to engage.