Working Groups consist of a minimum of five voluntary AAPBS members - a Council appointed Chair and four other group members. Working Groups meet at least four times a year. Terms of Reference define the role and objective for each Working Group to deliver on Case Center, MBA Connection and internship, Collaborative Curriculum and Membership. Together with the input and expertise provided by group members, Working Groups may also ask the wider AAPBS membership to contribute by sharing their knowledge and experience though surveys, questionnaires and workshops

   AAPBS Working Groups April 2016.pdf

Working Group roles

■ The chair
The chair of each Working Group:
is appointed by the AAPBS Council on recommendation from the AAPBS Executive ;
is responsible for convening the Working Group meetings either face-to-face and/or virtually as required
throughout the year to achieve the Group's stated tasks (Working Groups are generally expected to
meet at least four times a year);
sets the agenda and ensures that the Group's meetings are properly conducted;
can invite parties who are not members of the Working Group to participate in a meeting;
is responsible for reporting all Working Group recommendations to the AAPBS Council before any action is
taken by the Group;

reports (in writing and verbally) the Working Group recommendations for the AAPBS Council to the AAPBS
Executive in March and/or October each year for the May AAPBS Academic Conference and the
November Annual Meeting; and

facilitates roundtable group discussions extended to the wider membership at the annual conferences.

■ Group Members
Members :
meet and work on key tasks between annual conferences; and
are required to attend at least two consecutive Group meetings.

Working Groups (WG) Terms of References are now available. Please find the attached PDFs file :

   ToR_WG1_case Center FINAL.pdf

   ToR_WG2_MBA Connection FINAL.pdf

   ToR_WG3_Research FINAL.pdf

   ToR_WG4_Cross Sultural Leadership FINAL.pdf