Kia ora Koutou (Greetings all) from New Zealand,

I am honoured to be President of AAPBS. It is with great pride and pleasure that I write this message to our members and to others with interests in AAPBS.

In these very challenging times, I know it will be a while before any of us are able to meet in person outside the borders of our own countries. I hope that we do get to meet sooner rather than later and that we will be able to come together in Lanzhou for our re-scheduled conference in 2021. We are all awaiting next steps following recent announcements of successful vaccine trials and plans for rapid approval and roll out of vaccines.

AAPBS represents a vast and diverse region, and a significant proportion of the global population, economy and trade. We are an important region and AAPBS has a role in representing our region within the global business school, higher education and business community and expanding our influence. Through the rapid shift in business education and research towards responding to the challenges facing our planet and communities, we are also increasingly contributing to public sector, non-government and global development.Indeed, our business graduates routinely take up work across the full spectrum ? private, public and non-profit sectors ? and it is our job to ensure that they have the skills and perspective to build a better world, improving resource use and impact on people and the environment.

As we respond to and gradually traverse the challenges beset by Covid-19, AAPBS will have a number of opportunities. These include how we continue to grow AAPBS; how our member business schools work and partner more closely together; how we leverage our voice in the international arena; and how we promote and celebrate the many successes of our members while extending lessons more broadly across our community.

I look forward to working with you all in our collective mission.

With very best wishes,

Professor Robin Gauld
Pro-Vice-Chancellor and Dean
Otago Business School
New Zealand