There are currently 22 representative institutions on the Council which meets at least twice a year and through regular emails. A Council member must be a Full Member of AAPBS who is elected to serve a four-year term. Only two members from the same country/region are permitted on the Council at any one time

1 Australia University of Queensland Dean Andrew Griffiths
2 Australia UNSW Dean Chris Styles
3 China Fudan University Dean Xiongwen Lu
4 China Tsinghua University Dean Chong-en Bai
5 Hong Kong HKUST Dean Kar Yan Tam
6 Hong Kong The Chinese University of Hong Kong Dean Kalok Chan
7 Indonesia Prasetiya Mulya Business School Dean Agus Soehadi
8 Japan Keio University Dean Hirokazu Kono
9 Japan Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University AAPBS President
/Executive Dean
Kenji Yokoyama
10 Korea KAIST College of Business Dean Young bae Kim
11 Korea Yonsei University Dean Young ho Eom
12 New Zealand University of Auckland Dean Jayne Godfrey
13 New Zealand University of Otago Pro-Vice Chancellor/Dean Robin Gauld
14 Papua New Guinea University of Papua New Guinea Dean Lekshmi Pilai
15 Philippines Asian Institute of Management President/Dean Jikyeong Kang
16 Singapore National University of Singapore Dean Bernard Yeung
17 Singapore Singapore Management University Dean Gerald George
18 Taiwan National Taiwan University Dean Andy Guo
19 Taiwan National Chengchi University Dean Wei-Chi Tsai
20 Thailand Sasin Graduate Institute of Business Administration Director Paron Israsena Na Ayudhya
21 Thailand Chulalongkorn University Dean Pasu Decharin
22 Vietnam CFVG Director Jean-Louis Pare