AAPBS offers significant benefits and opportunities its members:

Extensive International Networking Opportunities

AAPBS has more than 132 member institutions from more than 29 regions/countries.
The Academic Conference held every May, and the Annual Meeting in November provide numerous networking and connectivity activities as does participation in Working Group.

Professional development

AAPBS hosts two conferences each academic year (May and November) to enable our members and community to work towards the common goal of enhancing business and management education in the region.

¡á The annual Academic Conference in May provides learning and developmemt for business faculty, training and development specialists, and administrators.

¡á At the Association's Annual Meeting in November, thought leaders from around the world gather to discuss, share, and build benchmark strategies, best practices, collaborative partnerships, and meaningful friendships.

Research and Development in Asian Business and Management Education

The AAPBS Case Center services as a centralized resource for members to leverage in an effort to enhance case teaching and writing for our AAPBS constituents and member schools. Workshops an seminars are held throughout the region each year, hosted by AAPBS member schools.


New Deans are able to request coaching and advice from established Deans within the region.
Developing AAPBS member institutions have the opportunity to learn an seek advice on business education quality and efficacy from the leading institutions within the region.

Working Groups

Working Groups consist of a minimum of five voluntary AAPBS members - a Council appointed Chair and four other group members. Working Group meet at least four times a year. Terms of Reference define the role and objective for each working Groups to deliver: Case Center, MBA Connection, Research, Cross-Cultural Leadership, Internship, Collaborative Curriculum and Membership. Together with the input and expertise provided by group members. Working Groups may also ask the wider AAPBS membership to contribute by sharing their knowledge and experience though surveys, questionnaires and workshops.

The Working Group tasks and their resulting contributions are key to the future grown and development of AAPBS. To achieve their objectives, Working Groups require member input and action. Additional group members are encouraged. For more information about each Working Group and who to contact to join a Working Group, go to our website

AAPBS Working Groups (Link)

Member Communications

Members are sent informative bi-monthly e-Newsletters in February, April, June, August, October and December and have access to the AAPBS Annual Membership Directory, e-Newsletter, AAPBS research and all AAPBS publications via the AAPBS website.

Competitive Fees

AAPBS offers low annual membership fees and conference fees.

Members Serving Members

AAPBS's strength is our members' involvement, engagement and share service to the Association and other members.
Our shared goal is to enhance the quality of business and management education in the Asia-Pacific Region. Active involvement within AAPBS Committees, the Council, Working Group, workshops and other activities are greatly welcomed and encouraged.