The Deans' Program is 2 days sessions provided at our Annual Meeting. The purpose of this program is to provide an open and supportive forum where Deans are able to share their concerns, ask questions, seek advice and share insights with other Deans, particularly those issues that our Deans and University Leadership deal with daily.

It also provides an opportunity to offer guidance, advice and support to our fellow AAPBS members on some of the common challenges our member institutions face in Asia-Pacific Region.

2023 November 7-8 National Taiwan University(NTU) Taipei, Taiwan
2020 November 20-21 AAPBS On-line
2018 November 17-18 UNSW Business School Sydney, Australia

"The Deans' Program provided an excellent environment to discuss strategic challenges, share new practices and reflect on my own development."
"Insightful answers to many deanship challenging."
"Building Network, Sharing of specific situations faced by deans."
"The Deans' Program was awesome and enhanced my skill sets."