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Emerald and real impact 

Emerald are committed to the support of meaningful real world impact, aiming to go far 
beyond the publishing and dissemination of academic research enabling communities to join 
together to make changes of real significance. 
We have created a dedicated corporate social responsibility group within the business 
focused on reducing Emerald’s impact on the environment and increasing its impact on our 
stakeholder’s lives. An important aspect of this is to help advance the global standard of 
business and management education. As part of this we started published teaching cases in 2011 
aimed at business schools creating responsible managers of the future. 

Supporting the case method 

Part of our broader aspirations within the Cases programme are to create a community of 
teaching faculty who can combine their efforts to help establish truly ‘impactful’ cases content, 
discussing how learning materials are best utilised to create impactful classroom experiences. 
The case method is one of the most established teaching methodologies in both under-graduate 
and post-graduate programmes and viewed as a constructive way in which students can get 
access to the types of scenarios and challenges they will face in the world of business. 
We appreciate adoption and understanding of the case method varies regionally and we are committed to supporting its implementation 
through robust review processes, nurturing authors throughout the submission process and providing support materials for teaching in the classroom. 

This is true of all case products available from Emerald: 
Emerging Markets Case Studies (EMCS): Over 690 cases authored by academics specializing in developing economies 

The CASE Journal (TCJ): A collection of more than 200 cases, endorsed by The CASE 
Association in the United States, providing a modern interpretation of discussion-based teaching 

The eCase Collection: Over 1,600 cases comprising all content within EMCS & TCJ and cases licenced from leading business schools 

Focusing on rising economies 

With the launch of Emerging Markets Case Studies (EMCS) in May 2011 we established 
a purpose to provide a voice and support for authors whose expertise is underrepresented 
in global case dissemination, with a focus on rising economy markets. 
The approach of local insight with global relevance also provides students with authentic examples of organizational 
challenges within rising economy markets, and inspire strategies designed to tackle the business problems of the future. 
Each case is accompanied by complimentary teaching notes, the importance of which is explained 
by the editor of Emerging Markets Case Studies, Michael Goldman:

 “We want to focus on outcomes… learning outcomes. 
The real idea of creating these teaching cases is to make learning come alive, 
to make it more engaging for students. So we want to think about the structuring of our learning outcomes, 
what kind of frameworks we are employing and how we strengthen that especially through the teaching note 
(or what is sometimes known as the instructors manual).” 

To find out more

 Watch our “Storytelling through the case method” webinar: Yti0& 

Contact us 

If you need further information, please contact 
Han Wen Cheng.


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