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The PPM Regional Business Case Competition (RBCC)_7
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The PPM Regional Business Case Competition (RBCC) was held again this year, and this time 
it was the ninth year of grand event Asian-level business case competition. 
RBCC is held by PPM School of Management using cases that was made by Research Center and 
Case Clearing House (RC-CCH), a strategic division of PPM School of Management (PPM SoM) 
that is in charge of research and intensifying business cases writing not only for the purpose of internal PPM SoM, 
but also for national and regional education purposes. 

The passion is to be able to appoint a business case from leading local companies in Indonesia. 
PT Bank Mandiri, one of the largest state-owned bank companies in Indonesia, 
was willing to be used as a case in and to sponsor the RBCC event for this year. 
It is their second time in two consecutive year to participate in this event. 
This is a proof that as one of the big players in Indonesia’s financial industry who cares 
about the advancement of the nation and contribute actively to the development of the world of education in the country.

In this event, Master Management students (MM and equivalent) from various universities uses knowledge, skills, and experiences 
that they have absorbed throughout the study to compete in terms of quality analysis, synthesis, 
and presentation business case yet to be published. 

This year participants registered a total of 58 teams from 10 universities in Asia. 
Finally, 9 teams were selected and entitled to ‘debate’ in maintaining the solution for solving this year business case 
form Bank Mandiri on Wednesday 15 November 2018 at Mandiri University Jakarta, Indonesia. 

The day before debate round (14/11), participants were invited to visit Bank Mandiri. 
On that visit, participants directly obtain an insight and increases their knowledge about immigrant workers program 
from Bank Mandiri, which was this year case. 
They were also invited to directly meet with the immigrant workers who succeeded the program. 

Paper reviewers and juries are coming from Bank Mandiri executives, 
as well as academics from various universities in Asia, such as Malaysia, South Korea, Indonesia, and Thailand. 

After going through a long and deep assessment, finally the juries of academics and practitioners named the winners 
for this business case competition.
• 1st Place is University of The Philippines-Baguio, The Philippines 
• 2 nd Place is PPM School of Management, Indonesia 
• 3 rd Place is Universiti Teknologi MARA, Malaysia 
• 4 th Place is Universitas Prasetiya Mulya, Indonesia 

So far, PPM School of Management through RC-CCH has published many local-flavor business cases, 
yet still refers to the changes happening in the global business world. 
The business cases are then utilized as teaching materials, both in the realm of formal education, 
as well as in a variety of management training that is not only used by PPM SoM but also 
by other management education entities, both national and international. 


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