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Sasin ranked in Global Top 50 for 2-Year MBA Programs
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Sasin ranked in Global Top 50 for 2-Year 
MBA Programs

The Times Higher Education/Wall Street Journal (THE/WSJ) recently announced 
that Sasin School of Management has been ranked #43 in the world for 2-year MBA programs. 
Sasin is the only business school in Thailand to feature in the ranking. 
This is the first time that Sasin has participated in any global business school rankings. 

The THE/WSJ Global Business School Report is based on a unique and nuanced set of 
performance data from business schools around the world – based on metrics pioneered in the WSJ/THE US College Rankings,
which are designed to explore teaching excellence and the student experience. 
THE/WSJ received more than 23,300 alumni responses to its survey, with 134 business schools participating. 

Stanford Graduate School of Business has the top-ranked 2-year MBA program in the world, 
with Cornell University and Vanderbilt University rounding out the top 3. 
Sasin features among the likes of ESADE Business School in Barcelona, Spain, Tulane University in the US,
and McGill University in Montreal, Canada. 

According to Sasin Director Paron Israsena na Ayudhya, this is an important achievement for the school.
“Everyone at Sasin is proud of this recognition, in this our 36th year,” 
he said. “This is a testament to Sasin’s continued academic excellence, satisfaction of our students and alumni, 
and overall impact on our community. 
I know this will inspire us to continue our mission to build resilient, adaptable, impactful leaders for the future.”


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