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Attract + Engage = Enroll_ GRE_ 2
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Attract + Engage = Enroll

With new recruitment challenges and enrollment pressures mounting for graduate programs around the world, identifying the most qualified prospects and finding ways to engage with them through the application, admissions and enrollment processes is more important now than ever before.

That is why ETS and Liaison International have teamed up to create the HigherYield ™ solution.

The HigherYield solution is a new tool that combines ETS’s GRE® Search Service and TOEFL® Search Service with Liaison International’s Enrollment Marketing Platform (EMP™) and campaign services, providing access to a robust database of prospective applicants from around the world who have indicated an interest in advancing their studies. 

Recruiters can select from a multitude of search criteria, such as demographics, geographic data, academic disciplines and test scores, to cost-effectively segment and launch campaigns to expand and diversify their applicant pools.

Benefits of the combined offering include:

  • Targeted and highly personalized communications to prospective students
  • More effective utilization of GRE Search Service and TOEFL Search Service list purchases
  • Campaign development experts to supplement limited bandwidth and/or expertise of campus staff
  • Stronger student response rates, which will generate larger inquiry pools, resulting in the ability to grow and shape enrollment

Providing solutions for your school’s needs

With the HigherYield solution, your school can work with Liaison International’s marketing strategy teams to build powerful, personalized enrollment marketing campaigns to boost efficiency and performance of your student recruitment, engagement and enrollment efforts.

Choose from four package configurations that provide scalable marketing support through automated, custom email campaigns; dynamic, personalized landing pages; data analytics and all the benefits of Liaison International’s powerful Enrollment Marketing Platform.

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