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President's Message

Dear Deans, Members and Schools,

It has been a privilege for me to serve as the President of AAPBS, leading this great network for the past year.


I take great pride in being part of this growing network and having an effective platform to bring together deans and administrators of leading institutions, thought leaders and policy makers of different countries, to foster collaboration and exchange ideas.


In addressing challenges of global relevance, we have made great strides. With the active participation and the joint efforts of member schools, we have conducted two major conferences centered around a pressing issue faced by all economies – the Future of Work.


As technology advances, the global work force will be significantly affected. Although the future is uncertain, we as educators have an indispensable role to play in nurturing future talent that the world is needed. It is essential for not only academia, but also private and public sectors to explore how best we can work together to support the new economy.


The two conferences, held at the HKUST Business School in Hong Kong in May and another at the UNSW Business School in Australia in November, featured expert speakers in two different regions to discuss what skills will be required in the new digital economy. We drew on practical experiences and cases from peer institutions.  


By harnessing the AAPBSs culture of collaboration, we look forward to even greater advances on this horizon. There are always people elsewhere within our network who have new knowledge and proven approaches to address different issues.


Over the year, we also exchanged insights into, for example, faculty recruitment and retention, performance management, leadership challenges, among others. To support member schools in grooming future scholars, we conducted the Inductive Research with Multiple Case Methods Workshop, where the participants were able to learn how to identify a suitable case to apply inductive research. We have of course also welcomed new members from different places.


Looking forward, Professor Yokoyama Kenji, Executive Dean of Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University, will succeed my role as the next President of AAPBS. As a leading advocator for the development of global talent, I believe Professor Yokoyama will facilitate our ongoing dialogue on talent development, but also open up other new opportunities of collaboration for members.


During this holiday season, I wish you all a wonderful Christmas and prosperous New Year.




Professor Tam Kar Yan

President of AAPBS

Dean of HKUST Business School



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