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Future Responsible Leaders Explore Rural Immersion in India


Strategically located in the southern part of Rajasthan, the Indian Institute of Management Udaipur is surrounded by a number of tribal villages. 

Because of 85% tribal population in the belt, this part of India performs extremely poor on the human development index. 

To provide experiential learning and develop sensitivity to rural issues, IIM Udaipur offers a rural immersion program to its students.


IIM Udaipur believes in the importance of reflecting their commitment to create responsible leaders 
by providing values-based education to make a meaningful contribution to the region. 
The rural immersion program starts with a course on the Indian social and political environment and continues with small teams of 
studens which spend a week in a village where they need to work closely with NGOs to

appreciate on-the-ground realities and challenges faced by those at the bottom of the pyramid.  

The local NGO partners serve as a liaison and host for the students. 

The students have to execute predefined group assignments to develop an understanding of socio-economic status and resources

of a village through participatory rural appraisal methods. 

Students conduct for example door-to-door surveys, focus group discussions and informal discussions.


Because of the classroom lessons on Indian social and political environment, 

students show solid knowledge when preparing and executing their assignments. 

Some of the assignments that IIMU students have previously undertaken are: 

assessing the opportunity gap that exists for village youth and understanding the daily workload of rural women and analyzing 

how this affects their health. 

The assignments are recognized locally as the student’s finding on malnutrition and open defecation

in the villages was covered in the local media and presented to the local administration and government officials.

Because of the rural immersion program, IIMU students are better equipped to craft policies or come up with new programs or strategies at the rural level.  

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