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Staff and students at the University of Auckland Business School are putting the concept of 

“Play is the highest form of research” into action with the use of Lego Serious Play in their teaching and learning.


The latest brick builders are students at the 2019 Summer Lab, who have been getting hands-on 

with Lego Serious Play to spark their creative thinking and test venture ideas.


Over the summer break, Summer Lab students work in teams on a venture at Business School’s Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship. 

The six-week programme aims to develop students’ entrepreneurial skill-sets and test out their business ideas.

Lego Serious Play gave the Summer Lab students the opportunity to get creative and think with their hands. 

Each team built physical representations of their venture ideas, developing their teamwork skills, 

communicating in vivid ways and bringing their assumptions about their ventures to light.


Summer Lab participant and Bachelor of Commerce student, Yashika Khetan, says 

Lego Serious Play was the best method to demonstrate and analyse their team’s business idea.


“It keeps your creative spirit alive and that’s the most important part of innovation. 

As our team started analysing what we had made, we did find some knowledge gaps to work on. 

Go, grab some Lego bricks, build an idea, analyse, and build it again.”


The University has been embracing the use of Lego Serious Play, which is a facilitation method 

used to encourage creative thinking in small group communication. With 23 academic and professional staff trained

 in Lego Serious Play, and capacity to run workshops for around 40 participants, the Lego method is being used 

in strategy and operations, as well as teaching and learning at the University.


As well as the recent Summer Lab build, the Business School has been using Lego Serious Play in undergraduate Innovation courses.

After the first year of using Lego Serious Play in teaching, course facilitators are seeing 

class dynamics change as people engage differently through thinking with their hands.


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