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AACSB Launches New Workshop on
Accreditation Eligibility

In the higher education landscape, Asia Pacific is the fastest-growing region when it comes to accreditation.
To support engagement with this audience, AACSB has developed the new Accreditation Eligibility Workshop to get schools started on the accreditation journey.

This two-day workshop provides the insights needed to evaluate and understand your school’s position when it comes to addressing the standards and eligibility criteria.
You will learn strategies on how to get started on your accreditation journey and consider how key factors such as leadership, commitment, mission, and strategy influence your school’s accreditation readiness.

The first workshop will take place in Hong Kong from 19–20 June 2019, and will be delivered in Mandarin with materials in English. This workshop should not be taken in lieu of the Business Accreditation Seminar (BAS). For an in-depth understanding of the AACSB accreditation standards, you can extend your stay in Hong Kong for the Business Accreditation Seminar from 17–18 June 2019, offered in English.

Facilitators Liyan Chen, manager of accreditation services at AACSB International, and Jesse Yu-Chen Lan, director of quality assurance and accreditation at I-Shou University’s College of International Management, will walk you through all the steps of the eligibility criteria. You will benefit from valuable learning outcomes:

 Full understanding of the accreditation process and fundamental areas related to your school’s accreditation eligibility and ability to meet the standards

 Ability to develop a road map to address areas of weakness and identify appropriate methods to begin your school’s accreditation

Learn more about the workshop and additional offerings at

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