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Learn and Network at the 2019 Asia Pacific 
Annual Conference

With the rapid educational growth in Asia Pacific, many
schools are gaining ground in business education. While 
the Asia Pacific region continuous to thrive in international 
relations and the world economy, the demand for talented 
managers continues to grow. The 2019 Asia Pacific Annual 
Conference held 21–23 October in Seoul, will address 
contemporary topics and provide a perspective on trends 
that will shape business education in the region.

Meet with distinguished speakers and inspirational leaders 
in South Korea’s exuberant capital city, a unique 
metropolis where modern skyscrapers, high-tech subways,
and pop culture meet Buddhist temples, palaces, and 
street markets. There will be plenty of networking
opportunities to share best practices and establish 
collaborations as you get to know your colleagues and hear 
about other business schools’ experiences. Before and 
after the conference, seminars will be offered to educate 
you and your staff on the accreditation process. Learn how 
to report on your school’s learning goals aligned with the 
AACSB accreditation standards in order to innovate, 
improve, and create impact at the Continuous 
Improvement Review Seminar on 19 October. 

Improve your faculty management and discover how to 
complete the AACSB tables (2-1, 15-1, and 15-2) at the 
Faculty Standards and Tables Workshop on 20 October.
For those who would like to gain a core understanding of 
the assurance of learning process, the Assurance of 
Learning Seminar I that takes place 24–25 October will 
give you an understanding of the basic components of an 
assessment plan.

The Asia Pacific Annual Conference is a promising learning 
and networking event that you do not want to miss. This is 
your opportunity to collaborate with peers on global 
challenges, meet with AACSB leadership, and gain new 
knowledge to bring back to your institution. Stay informed
on the conference programming by visiting, where we will continually update the 

Upcoming Events

Business Accreditation Seminar 
June 17–18, 2019 | Hong Kong

Accreditation Eligibility Workshop 
19–20 June 2019 | Hong Kong *offered in Mandarin

Faculty Standards and Tables Workshop
24 June 2019 | Singapore

Engagement, Innovation, and Impact Seminar
25–26 June 2019 | Singapore

Assurance of Learning Seminar II
27 June 2019 | Singapore

Business Accreditation Seminar
19–20 August 2019| Hyderabad, India

Accreditation Eligibility Workshop
21 August 2019 | Hyderabad, India

Assurance of Learning Seminar I
26 August 2019 | Brisbane, Australia

Assurance of Learning Seminar II
27 August 2019 | Brisbane, Australia

Quality Assurance Professionals Workshop
28 August 2019 |Brisbane, Australia

Continuous Improvement Review Seminar
29 August 2019 | Brisbane, Australia


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