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UNSW Business School ranked 1st in the world for Risk and Actuarial studies_UNSW_4
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UNSW Business School ranked 1st in the world for Risk and Actuarial studies

UNSW Business School has topped the new Global Research Rankings of Actuarial Science and Risk Management & Insurance.

Set up by the University of Nebraska at Lincoln (UNL), the global rankings list the top 50 business schools worldwide based on the number of papers published in leading insurance and actuarial journals between 2014 to 2018.

UNSW Business School led the list with 60 published articles. Five Australian universities were named in the top 50

Jessica explores the big business of microfinance in Indonesia

Jessica Cong says working for local NGOs gives valuable insight into how the skills she is developing at university can be applied in unique real-world situations.

UNSW Business School actuary student Jessia Cong says working with microfinance-based NGOs in Indonesia is a transformative experience.

Ms Cong is the only UNSW Business student in the Development Studies Immersion Program with the Australian Consortium of In-Country Indonesia Studies (ACICIS) and says living in Indonesia has been an incredibly rewarding experience

AGSM ranks in the top 40 for the Financial Times 2019 Executive Education Global Rankings

AGSM @ UNSW Business School Open and Custom executive education programs once again ranked among the world’s best in 2019 latest Financial Times Rankings. AGSM ranked 36th globally in the combined rankings for Open and Custom programs. AGSM is the only Australian school to be included in the combined annual rankings of the world’s best executive education programs. 

Magnus Gittins, Director Executive Education said, ‘’We are continuously improving our programs to deliver a world-class experience. This year we are developing contemporary leadership programs to be added to the Short Courses portfolio; including Leading Digital Transformation, the Directors’ Colloquium and a new course for high-potential, emerging leaders. AGSM Short Courses are designed to equip leaders with practical, experiential arning to make an impact in today’s accelerated world. Reinforcing our position as the learning partner for a new generation of leaders to further develop their education”. 

UNSW Business School launches new digital gateway


UNSW Business School has launched an expanded BusinessThink platform to communicate research collaboration, give easier access to its experts and form deep connections with industry.Universities are finding fresh and innovative ways to better connect with the broader community and the new BusinessThink aims to serve people in business, in government, and within a wide range of organisations.Professor Ian Jacobs, President and Vice Chancellor of UNSW Sydney, says BusinessThink will strive to emphasise collaborative research opportunities and partnerships with the Business School.“Many of our leading researchers are at the cutting-edge of applying research findings, but too often, the word researcher conjures up just an image of a scientist in a lab coat holding a test tube, engaged in basic discovery work,” Jacobs says.UNSW Business School prides itself on industry links, with a Business Advisory Council of more than 50 CEOs from prominent Australian companies, and newly appointed ‘professors of practice’ invited from industry to work alongside academic staff in the Business School.“Our research makes a difference to the business world because of these deep connections,” says Professor Chris Styles, Dean of UNSW Business School.“UNSW has received more linkage grants for business than any other Australian university – for joint research with an industry partner,” he adds.Professors from the Business School have performed collaborative research resulting in a more accurate measure of the consumer price index and savings for taxpayers; they have been integral in improving and designing auditing standards; and are doing breakthrough work that is informing ageing, retirement and superannuation policy.Alistair Jones, Managing Editor of BusinessThink, says “our content is inspired by the inventive research and accumulated expertise of UNSW Business School academics. With scholars at the front line of applied research findings, we have a window into the real-world applications of their knowledge.”“We also draw on the experience of business leaders, industry partners and co-authors at other research institutions across the world,” he adds.


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