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Franklin Chandler

 The KIT Program was such a wonderful experience to participate in, and I would encourage students from all industries to get involved if given the opportunity. There were so many facets that I found valuable to my education, and that could not have been possible in a traditional classroom setting. The AAPBS faculty and professors of KAIST, Prasetiya Mulya, and the National Taiwan University all gave us incredible support. The company executives were also all highly engaged, and made sure that our teams had any necessary resources available to provide a high quality analysis. You could tell from the very beginning that the companies genuinely valued our ideas and opinions, and treated us with the utmost respect throughout the entire process.  My team was composed of students from over five different countries, all with uniquely distinct backgrounds and abilities. This diversity of ideas allowed us to provide tangible, high quality and realistically implementable strategies for our partner company, a few of which, the company is actively pursuing implementation of after the project.  This was the most rewarding part of the program for me, as it provided validation of my team’s hard work, the value of the educations we are receiving from our graduate institutions and the immediate impact that we can make in the business world.

Soo Hyun Sung

This year, the Korean institution KAIST had the honor of holding the 2019 KIT Program. The six teams consisted of students from Korea (KAIST), Indonesia (Prasetiya Mulya), and Taiwan (National Taiwan University). Teams were comprised of two students from each institution, and the competition revolved around the analysis and presentation of complex, issues-driven marketing cases to the management of Korean based multi-national companies. Every student participating in this case study received enriching experience with team members from different backgrounds, each with a diverse skillset. My team consisted of students from five different countries, and I feel each team member’s unique analytical approach helped us create an effective case study. The program was very rewarding not only educationally, but culturally as well. It provided me an invaluable learning experience that I can apply to my own business, and it gave me the opportunity to hone my communication, analytical, and leadership skills. I was able to make invaluable friends through this program and thoroughly enjoyed the last five months working together with my team. After concluding the program, I visited students from National Taiwan University to learn more about the country and its flourishing culture.  I truly appreciate the support from faculty, company executives, and professors to provide students with such a great opportunity, one that provides

Thomas Dimitri Penner

The 2019 KIT Program offered what I would imagine to be a prime setting for truly learning what it means to be working on multi-national projects: Preparing one project with a clear goal in cooperation with a company champions from the industry, collaborating within a team consisting of members from various backgrounds and cultures, hands-on lectures provided by professionals, and all of that combined while one gets constant feedback from the AAPBS faculty and professors. It was not only professionally fulfilling to be working on complex, actual case questions, but It was also personally a great pleasure to get to know students and professors from the National Taiwan University, Prasetiya Mulya in Indonesia and KAIST. In my opinion, to really know what it means to be working in the 21st century is to know what it means to interact cross-culturally and cross-nationally. Therefore, to gather experience in a safe environment, where making mistakes has no real repercussions but the experience itself, while still being challenged enough to be really encouraged to work out the way your team best functions, is something not easy to come by. I am deeply thankful for being able to participate in this program. 



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