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AACSB Asia Pacific Annual Conference 21–23 October 2019 | Seoul, South Korea_5

Asia Pacific Annual Conference 
21–23 October 2019 | Seoul, South Korea 
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AACSB Welcomes New Chief Officer of Asia Pacific: Geoff Perry 

AACSB is delighted to announce that Geoff Perry has been named AACSB's executive vice president and chief officer of Asia Pacific. A former business school dean, Perry has extensive volunteer experience with AACSB, including as an accreditation mentor and reviewer, an event speaker and facilitator, and current co-chair of the Business Accreditation Task Force. Perry currently serves as deputy vice chancellor at Auckland University of Technology and will assume his new role in AACSB's Singapore office on January 15, 2020.

 “It has been my privilege to spend my career in higher education in the Asia Pacific region,” said Perry. “I hold sincere appreciation for the diversity, complexity, people, and geopolitics of the region, and I embrace this opportunity to join AACSB as we elevate the quality of business education and foster the important links between industry and academe.” Perry holds a PhD and MPhil in economics from University of Auckland, and undergraduate and post-graduate degrees in economics, geography, and history. He is a founding member of the Champions for Change initiative in New Zealand, which aims to accelerate inclusive and diverse leadership in the workplace. 

Geoff Perry will also attend the AACSB’s Global Accreditation Conference from 15–17 September 2019 in San Antonio, Texas, USA. The conference gives peers a chance to connect and discover strategies for the continuous improvement of your school as well as for your own professional development. 

Together with Stephanie Bryant, Executive Vice President and Chief Accreditation Officer, AACSB International and Nancy Bagranoff, Dean and Professor, Accounting, University of Richmond, Robins School of Business, Geoff Perry will speak on the Featured Session: What's Next for the Accreditation Standards? This session allows conference attendees to discuss the first exposure draft of proposed changes to the AACSB accreditation standards. Learn more at:

Upcoming Events

Continuous Improvement Review Seminar 
19 October 2019 | Seoul, South Korea 

Faculty Standards and Tables Workshop 
20 October 2019 | Seoul, South Korea 

Asia Pacific Annual Conference 
21–23 October 2019 | Seoul, South Korea 

Assurance of Learning Seminar I 
24–25 October 2019 | Seoul, South Korea 

Diversity and Inclusion Summit 
12–13 November 2019 | New Orleans, Louisiana, USA 

Associate Deans Conference 
13–15 November 2019 | New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

Business Accreditation Seminar 
9–10 December 2019 | Hong Kong

Quality Assurance Professionals Workshop (Offered in Mandarin) 
11 December 2019 | Hong Kong 

Assurance of Learning Seminar I (Offered in Mandarin) 
12–13 December 2019 | Hong Kong 

Deans Conference 
2–4 February 2020 | Nashville, Tennessee, USA 

International Conference and Annual Meeting 
26–28 April 2020 | Denver, Colorado, USA


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