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Innovations That Inspire Challenge 2020: Catalysts for Innovation


With the start of the new fiscal year, annual initiatives return. Also this year AACSB launches the Innovations That Inspire challenge to recognize institutions from around the world that serve as champions for change in the business education landscape. This year’s theme will feature a key opportunity in AACSB’s Collective Vision for Business Education: Catalysts for Innovation.

The 2020 challenge will
highlight business schools’ leadership in supporting entrepreneurship, intrapreneurship, and innovation. Featured submissions will fall into one of two categories:


Interdisciplinary Collaborations in Entrepreneurship

How are business schools promoting entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial thinking—whether in their research and scholarship or their curricula and learning experiences—through partnerships with other disciplines across and outside their campuses?


Community Engagement in Entrepreneurship

How are business schools serving as catalysts for innovation and new business creation within their communities, leading the implementation of new and effective ways of doing business, and supporting new business creation and local and national innovation ecosystems?


An increasing number of submissions come from Asia Pacific schools every year. Member schools are welcome to submit their innovations through the deadline of Friday, 15 November 2019, at

Spotlighted innovations will be featured at AACSB’s 2020 International Conference and Annual Meeting (ICAM) in Denver, Colorado, USA, from 26–28 April, where attendees will convene with some of the brightest minds in the industry to elevate our perspectives in business education. Do not miss this opportunity to bring great media exposure to your school’s innovative efforts!

Upcoming Events


Diversity and Inclusion Summit

12–13 November 2019 | New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

Associate Deans Conference

13-15 November2019 | New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

Middle East Summit

9–10 December 2019 | Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Deans Conference*

2–4 February 2020 | Nashville, Tennessee, USA


Business Accreditation Seminar

16–17 March 2020 | Yogyakarta, Indonesia


Assurance of Learning Seminar I

18–19 March 2020 | Yogyakarta, Indonesia

B-School Communications and Development Symposium
4–6 March 2020 | Washington D.C., USA

Assessment and Impact Conference

19–21 March 2020 | Houston, Texas, USA

International Conference and Annual Meeting (ICAM)

26–28 April 2020 | Denver, Colorado, USA


Graduate Curriculum Conference

13–15 May 2020 | Indianapolis, Indiana, USA

Annual Accreditation Conference: Asia Pacific

17–19 May 2020 | Hong Kong, China

*exclusively for heads of higher education business units.


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