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The Executive Academy is an empowering development programme for senior teaching & learning professionals, enabling you to further develop your leadership competencies and effectiveness.


The Asia Stream will take place in Shanghai, 23-27 March 2020 and will be hosted by CEIBS. 


Under the overarching theme "Leading with Impact," the programme is designed to make you more effective in your executive role by empowering you to take on a broader and more strategic responsibility for degree programmes or portfolios. The Executive Academy combines personal coaching, conceptual analysis and integrated application to achieve, for you as a participant as well as the sponsoring school, lasting professional impact.



Participants will:

·         Advance through a self-discovery process to better understand their strengths and limitations, which will contribute to the bridging of self-knowledge and self-leadership.

·         Learn how to drive a strategy-driven programme design and review process, how to manage different performance layers and how to interlink stakeholder expectations and satisfaction.

·         Understand and implement disruptive strategies in business education and map performance metrics to actions and milestones.

The face-to-face week will be followed by a project phase at the participants’ home institutions with support and feedback provided by faculty facilitators and personal coaches.


Target Group
Programme Directors, Associate/Assistant Deans of Teaching & Learning, and Senior Program Managers with a complete overview of (though not necessarily direct responsibility for) the entire academic cycle: admissions, programme design & administration, career services, and alumni management.



For more information visit our website or contact us at

Forits second edition, the Smart Data Management workshop will go to Singapore and will be hosted by INSEAD, 24-25 February 2020

As business schools today have become more digital and market portfolios more complex, the need for professional data management in leadership and management has grown accordingly.

Data management has become a critical feature supporting core processes like external compliance, accreditation, rankings, stakeholder accountability, strategy, benchmarking, risk management, internal management-by-objectives, portfolio performance measurement, assurance of learning, publishing, granting and quality assurance more generally – a list that can easily be further extended.

As a consequence, business schools (as well as their parent organisations) have to collect, process, analyse and maintain more data than ever before. This trend is likely to accelerate in the years to come.



As data management is taking up a more strategic and central role in business school development, it also demands more systematic attention by senior management.

The Smart Data Management workshop will act as an enabler and platform for the further professionalisation of data management in business schools. It will provide an interactive learning environment based on peer-to-peer and problem-based learning. Participants will work in small groups on applied cases that will display examples of applied SDM. Participants will also have ample networking opportunities to participants and fellow practitioners. Participants will develop an in-depth understanding of Smart Data Management in business schools and higher education context using an ecosystem perspective. They will be able to evaluate the positioning of their institution in the light of the basic principles and best practices of SDM.

Target group

The workshop is targeted at business school executives with strategic/managerial responsibilities that include data governance/strategy, data management and/or quality processes or parts thereof. Deans, Associate Deans (with data management in their brief), CIOs and Heads of Accreditation will benefit from this workshop.



For more information, visit our website or contact Andrea Maresova

The 2020 EFMD Deans and Directors General Conference will take place in Milan, Italy and will be hosted by SDA Bocconi, 13-14 February 2020.


Each year, more than 350 deans and directors general from around the world meet at this two-day event to exchange about the future of business education, share best practices and get an update on new trends.


These business school leaders from around the world discuss pursuing opportunities and meeting expectations in different regions of the world as well as managing an ever-growing array of stakeholders. Attendees seek to place themselves in the evolving relationship between higher education, companies and governments. Ultimately, leaders debate how business education can address the challenges of society.


This year’s conference will focus on “Managing Impact”.

This event is by invitation only, for those with chief executive officer (top management of the institution) responsibility and authority in EFMD member business schools and centres. For more information visit our website or contact Delphine Hauspy


Take a look at last year’s conference hosted by CEIBS in Shanghai on 21-22 January, where nearly 300 deans from business schools around the world met to network and discuss under the theme “Enterprising Deans in a Global Context”.



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