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An Accreditation Platform for All


What are your peers at business schools talking about? Do they come across the same challenges? What are the latest updates from the business education industry?

This year, the Annual Accreditation Conference: Asia Pacific, takes place in the same city as AACSB’s regional Asia Pacific office: Singapore. The conference is a great learning hub for those seeking more information on the AACSB Accreditation Standards, knowledge of assessment, and new partnerships. Plenary speakers, session facilitators, and AACSB leadership and staff will provide insight into the latest accreditation trends and offer advice on your institution’s accreditation journey.

The conference also highlights the proposed 2020 Business Accreditation standards with an update on the changes and a unique opportunity to ask questions.

Sessions will accommodate those who like to acquire more information on a variety of accreditation topics and those who are in the process of maintaining or achieving accreditation.


Evolve and improve your institution by applying best practices, tips, and tools gained from sessions such as:

  • AACSB Accreditation Standards: Faculty Development and Qualifications

  • Strategic Planning

  • Scope, Partnerships, and Their Implications on Accreditation

  • Assessing the Assurance of Learning: Perspectives and Tools


This is your chance to meet professionals from business schools in the region and formulate solutions that will help the accreditation community worldwide.

After the conference, the Faculty Standards and Tables Workshop will take place on 4 June 2020. During this workshop, you will gain instructions on completing the AACSB tables (2-1 Intellectual Contributions, 15-1 Faculty Sufficiency and Qualifications, and 15-2 Deployment of Faculty by Qualification Status).

Visit to learn more about your learning opportunities in Singapore.


Upcoming Events


Business Accreditation Seminar

16–17 March 2020 | Yogyakarta, Indonesia


Assurance of Learning Seminar I

18–19 March 2020 | Yogyakarta, Indonesia

International Conference and Annual Meeting (ICAM)

26–28 April 2020 | Denver, Colorado, USA


Graduate Curriculum Conference

13–15 May 2020 | Indianapolis, Indiana, USA

Annual Accreditation Conference: Asia Pacific
1–3 June 2020 | Singapore

Faculty Standards and Tables Workshop
4 June 2020 | Singapore


Assurance of Learning Seminar I

15–16 June 2020 | Singapore

Assurance of Learning Seminar II 

17 June 2020 | Singapore

Engagement, Innovation, and Impact Seminar
18 June 2020 | Singapore

Continuous Improvement Review Seminar
19 June 2020 | Singapore


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