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AAPBS President's Message_April 2020



Dear AAPBS Members,

The coronavirus has prevented me from going to office. I am doing remote work and considering the possibility of the development of a new business. I would like to share my thoughts with you.

The past quarter has put the world in a social unrest. The invisible virus has been raging all over the world, forced business to go into a downturn phase and closed down school gates. The world seems as if it were dead. With this column, I would like to look at the future of business that is expected to com after the coronavirus.

People have started tele-working and internet shopping to cope with this social turmoil. These are ways of avoiding human contacts as much as possible. Such established businesses as Uber Eats and Amazon have succeeded in providing customers with their value propositions for the convenience of on-line services and home delivery services. I don’t think many businesses need to implement these services. Restaurants and eateries can take advantage of them efficiently.

As the proportion of tele-workers increases, more people will start feeling isolated from the society and co-workers. An American survey showed recently that more than 20% American remote workers feel lonely and isolated. In this respect, I don’t think we can solve this issue only with a new business and business model, but you can clearly say that it is necessary to develop a new system or application on which people can contact and communicate with each other online. One of such applications is Hybrid Chat Pod that is a hybrid chat service between automatic robot response and human response. You can add human touch into virtual customer experience. Another measure may be to utilize a video telephone function in a virtual office. There are services like YouCam for an online communication application between beauticians and customers and Teladoc for online medical treatment.

I am not sure when COVIC-19 will end and whether it will appear once again next year. However, businesses that can meet customers’ satisfaction right now will be able to survive even after the post coronavirus period.

Sincerely yours,


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