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Letter from Maria Koutsovoulou, Associate Dean, and Zahia Bouaziz, European Director of Studies of the MBA in International Management


The 2019-2020 academic year started full of enthusiasm. Indeed, the 3rd intake of the MBA programme, with students representing 26 nationalities, was enjoying discovering Paris and looking forward to immersing themselves in the ESCP Business School universe. Big changes in both their professional and personal lives lay ahead.
At the beginning of this journey we shared our raison d’être with our new students: to educate future active leaders, responsible adults who are concerned by societal evolutions, who are generous in their commitments and who are reflective professionals aware of their roles and of the consequences of their actions.  Also, to provide society with leaders able to overcome difficulties, to effectively manage complexity, to create sustainable networks worldwide and to achieve their professional self-fulfillment.
Then came the Covid-19 crisis. Never could we have imagined that these few words spoken as a contract of sorts would a few months later lead to a large-scale experiment.
When millions of people around the world watch their lives being turned upside down, who would dare to rejoice in experiencing the word VUCA for themselves? When on a daily basis countries are facing the downsides of the interdependence that binds them together in an increasingly globalised world, who would dare to rejoice in having the perfect illustration of the evils of short-term strategies? 
The contraction of time, everything goes so fast, the wealth of information available, everything is so frightening, the retraction of traditionally solid partnerships, the retreat of companies that must nevertheless invent new models to face up to and recover from this crisis, plunge you into doubt and apprehension of what is to come: what will my place be in this new model? How can I be sure that I will be able to carry out my career plans in this turbulent context? What will be the needs of organisations after this crisis? Will I be sufficiently armed to meet them?
In order to answer these questions, the two meanings of the word crisis should not escape you: the most recent of these refers to the peak and the brutal deterioration of a state of play whereas the oldest definition refers to judgement, decision making or the change from one state to another. 
Evaluate, decide, change; it’s now or never. 
Organisations need to reinvent themselves and to do so they will need MBA in International Management graduates and their skills more than ever before.
This is because they have experienced cultural diversity, proven their adaptability thanks to their international mobility, acquired maturity through their professional experience and 10 months of active learning in different countries, developed agility tested every time they went out of their comfort zone as well as the resilience required to always be a driving force in the most difficult times. 
These existing or emerging skills, which are essential to cope with the complexity and uncertainty of the future, are developed and enriched every day throughout this crisis You must be ready to serve organisations with these skills and understand their needs to be able to provide them with the best possible response.
We have made a commitment to guide you through this process and we will continue to do so. The journey continues and we will grow from it!

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