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There’s no escaping the health issues thrown up by the Covid-19 pandemic. But for many, there’s no escape from the financial and economic issues either.

As the world has turned en-masse to the expert opinion of virologists, epidemiologists and infectious disease experts, so too have they turned to experts on business, economy, lending, employment and more.

And as New Zealand’s number one ranked research business school, Otago Business School (OBS) academics are sought after for their expertise.

OBS Pro-Vice-Chancellor Professor Robin Gauld says he is proud of the way staff put their own concerns aside and made themselves available for media.

“These are unprecedented and unsettling times, and now more than ever the public needs to know they can believe what they are reading in the media. We know health is a big concern, but the economy is certainly also at the forefront of people’s minds.”

Among the stories was Head of the Department of Economics, Professor Paul Hansen, has featured prominently in all media the past fortnight as health organisations around the world use his 1000Minds decision making software to prioritise ICU beds for patients.

His expertise was also sought on a long form story on what New Zealand could look like in a year.

Behavioural economist Professor Nathan Berg told national media Stuff that the public needed praise for their response to the lockdown.

"It takes surprisingly intense effort and commitment to change these so-called 'automatic behaviours' (guided by muscle memory rather than conscious deliberation). Doing so usually requires frequent reminders and vigilance."

As all non-essential businesses were closed and staff made to work from home, Dr Paula O’Kane gave tips on working remotely.

“This is all happening while our staff worked extremely hard to ensure a smooth transition to online teaching for our students.

“We don’t know what the future holds, but I do know that staff at Otago Business School will continue to help in every possible way.”




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