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Sasin moves start date, launches first Skills & Values module_3

Sasin moves start date, launches first Skills & Values module

As a result of the ongoing global pandemic, Sasin School of Management moved the start date for all of its 2020 degree programs from the end of April to the first week of August. This year, Sasin’s programs will start with the Sasin Skills & Values Module—an essential, 9-credit foundational program for incoming students. This innovative program will cover the basics of Accounting, Effective Presentations, Entrepreneurship, Quantitative Analysis, Sustainability, Leadership, Values, and Ethics, and Consulting and Problem-Solving, and will give students an opportunity to reflect on their own motivations and goals.

The module will include an online component in July with a series of video materials, readings, and self-assessment quizzes, created especially for Sasin by leading global educators. Then from August 8-15, Sasin’s new students will participate in a week-long program of intensive, face-to-face activities that will continue what they've learned in the online courses. By focusing on the fundamentals of modern business, this foundational Sasin experience will help students develop and change their thinking about work, business, and the meaning of success in these disruptive and uncertain times.


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