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Quality Assurance Academy presents the How to webinars - Regional focus: Asia-Pacific

Given a great deal of activity around quality in higher education and within business schools in particular, the series of eight “QAA HOW TO webinars” was just completed, as an offshoot of the Quality Assurance Academy – an EFMD GN Professional Development programme for quality and accreditation professionals organised in partnership with RimaOne.
Recognising the diversity of business schools around the world and knowing that steps to be undertaken by any institution to assure its quality processes differ, to a certain extent, according to the geographical, political and socio-cultural context within which it finds itself, we would like to additionally provide a

more regional perspective on the entire series of topics related to quality assurance.

Thus, two regionally-focused webinars were added to the QAA HOW TO series: one for the Americas and the other for the Asia-Pacific. Our aim is to bring together the QA professionals with a common interest in quality assurance, willing to share information, lessons learned and best practices with the community seeking continuous improvement.

Register for free to network and exchange experiences with peers from different countries in your region.
Join the 
QAA LinkedIn group to help us build further the much-needed community.

The webinar will be moderated by Benjamin Stévenin, ACADEM.


30 June 2020 , registrations are available here. Please contact Andrea Maresova if you have any questions. 

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Best practice online workshop

Student well-being: Learning from an intervention case study

Student well-being as part of the student experience has been one of the foremost issues in HE planning in recent years, with an increased focus on what is distinctive about student mental health and what responsibilities institutions have to support students. However, most studies have focused on the undergraduate experience. Concurrently, there has been an increase in the number of studies considering postgraduate students’ mental well-being. Yet, there is a clear distinction between these two groups and the increasing numbers of postgraduate taught (PGT) students.

This interactive online workshop will focus on what is distinctive about the PGT student experience and well-being support with the mapping of the needs of PGT students, how dedicated student services can support these, and also how these services fit within the broader institution. It will address the challenges presented by engaging students who are generally with an institution for only one year, and how this is exacerbated when engaging international students with different understandings of mental well-being.

Jordan Dawson, Student Experience Manager, will present the benefits and evaluation of a dedicated PGT support service with reference to a school-specific advising service established at the Adam Smith Business School, Glasgow University, in 2019/20. Participants will have the opportunity to discuss how to improve the service offering at their own institution.

Target Group:
This interactive online workshop is designed for academics and professional service staff who interact with students – and particularly post-graduate students – seeking advise on well-being. It will also be of interest to those in charge of organisational staff well-being.


2 July 2020, registrations are available here. Please contact Diana Grote if you have any questions. 

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The Future of the Business School Seminar Series

Leading business schools: current issues, challenges and Research needs

The purpose of this webinar is to explore the leadership of business and management schools and research methodologies on management education. We are interested in:

·         Exploring the role of business school leadership globally in delivering high quality business and management education and research.

·         Reflecting on and learning from critical incidents in leading business schools.

·         Discussing key challenges in the ‘new normal’

Target Group:
Current, aspiring and former business school deans and directors and members of their leadership teams and their colleagues, (doctoral) researchers on the business and management education field and leadership.


8 July 2020, registrations are available here. Please contact Hansol Parkif you have any questions. 

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2020 Online EFMD Annual Conference


In light of the current pandemic and for the health and wellbeing of all of us, EFMD has decided to hold the 2020 EFMD Annual Conference as an online event. We are glad to inform you that the programme initially planned for a face-to-face conference is being maintained but extended to 3 days and adapted to a timing that allows our members from around the globe to join virtually. The event will feature many interactive elements such as round table discussions and workshops to maximise the networking opportunities which we know are crucial for our members. We are looking forward to seeing you online very soon.


Every year, 550+ participants from across the management education sector – educational institutions, associations and companies – attend the EFMD Annual Conference to address the challenges in management development at large.

Professionals at different administrative and managerial positions from all over the world make it a dynamic networking opportunity.

Learn and reflect with industry peers and thought leaders that come together to tackle burning subjects such as education in the current geopolitical context, collaborative research, creative leadership and digital learning strategies.

Keep your finger on the pulse of global management education and development and join us for this exciting event.

See more from last year’s conference here.



The EFMD Annual Conference has been designed for all those interested in management education and development. It brings together EFMD



members, companies, educational institutions and other associations, offering various perspectives and discussions on the conference theme.


31 August to 2 September,registrations are available here. Please contact Diana Grote if you have any questions. 

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