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AAPBS AUG Secretariat NEWS 2020
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Dear Deans, Members and Schools, Half a year has passed since the new coronavirus epidemic broke out world-widely. I was hoping to draft my newsletter article with other topics than the pandemic during the 6 months of the year. I feel sorry about having to write about the disaster once again. This time, I’d like to talk about the same issue with two different perspectives of international education sustainability, education and finance. In education, the shift to online was made at very short notice, as I mentioned in my former messages. It has accelerated new forms of pedagogy and tremendous initiatives from individual academics and institutions have emerged. Learning by doing or by experiential learning is usually considered as a very effective way to teach students.

However, at the same time, there is no doubt that a lot of online education is currently delivered in its most basic forms, replicating more traditional forms of learning on-campus. There has simply been no time to rethink the pedagogy, to work with professional instructional designers on purpose-built teaching material for online delivery and to train lecturers to deliver online. A new type of challenge is waiting for international education. Business schools have been impacted by the COVID-19 crisis without exceptions. However, educational institutions whose students are from various countries have been influenced more deeply: Some are staying in the host country while others are in their home countries. These situations have made it hard to take either the online education or the face-toface education. They have been compelled to take a third way of teaching to meet with both requirements. It may be a hybrid education, which will be the first experience to any type of business school. It is ironical that more advanced international education institutions are in more difficult situations. This hybrid education between the face-to-face-education and the online education in the same class can be a clue to break the primitive level of online instruction. Institutional strategies that are too dependent on international students for financial income will no longer be sustainable and those institutions unable to make the shift to different models will not survive. This is also particularly true for business schools. COVID-19 will, of course, also affect this strategy.

According to a recent survey, 40% of international students are considering changing their study abroad plans due to the current crisis. Another survey showed that business school deans believed that the current crisis would accelerate the closure of business schools. While they believe that the rate of closures will accelerate by up to 10%, they also believe that the rate will increase by more than 10%. I am sure we will overcome the new coronavirus epidemic sooner or later, but it may take a long time for business schools to adjust themselves to the new environment “after corona”. In the first paragraph, I wrote I wanted to write my message about another topic. Taking it into consideration that the aftermath of the pandemic is not going to disappear so soon, however, I’m afraid that my next draft won’t be completed without referring to the disaster. Best Regards,

Prof. YOKOYAMA, Kenji, PhD. Executive Dean & Vice-President Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University (APU)

Due to the Corona Virus outbreak, please stay alert for upcoming messages about the 2020 Annual Meeting

Due to the Corona Virus outbreak, we postponed AAPBS Academic Conference to year 2021


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CONGRATULATION to New Member Montpellier Business School 

Founded in 1897 by the Montpellier Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Montpellier Business School was built on two pillars: Academic quality and an unwavering commitment to its values: ethics, openness and diversity, global responsibility and performance. Today more than ever, Montpellier Business School is distinguished by its convictions: the conviction that diversity in all its forms is a wealth and strength for society as well as for companies. And that the lasting success of any company depends on the consideration of its economic, societal and environmental performance.

We believe in an open world where all talents can express their full potential, regardless of their social, cultural, geographic, gender or sexual orientation. We believe that studying in this diverse community is an additional strength for each of the individuals who are part of it. This is why Montpellier Business School brings together students from all social classes and nearly 80 countries. We believe that the biggest challenge for companies will be the sustainable, responsible and ecoresponsible transformation of their strategy. This is why the themes of CSR and sustainable development are at the heart of our research activities and are taught transversally in all our programs. This unique approach aims to train managers and entrepreneurs able to manage the financial, social, societal and environmental performance of their company. Choosing Montpellier Business School is choosing to become a responsible manager in a changing world. For further information, please refer to


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