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Faculty of Entrepreneurship and Business (FEB), Universiti Malaysia Kelantan (UMK) has worked swiftly to reframe its way to continue success in the field despite confronting the Covid-19 pandemic. Being the pioneer faculty of UMK incepted in 2007,  FEB remains competitive in the education field and adopts today's new technologies. FEB have contingency online learning tools at hand that linger its foundation's legacy, which is to produce excellent entrepreneurship and business education. One of the FEB signature activity, "The Entrepreneurship Week", was introduced a decade ago and held every year. Students sell various types of foods and goods to showcase their entrepreneurial talent. Unfortunately, due to the movement control order amid the Covid-19 pandemic by the Government of Malaysia, this activity organised using complete online facilities. However, students' participation is encouraging, and the activity's success based on the sales volumes was tremendous.   FBE is enthusiastic and confident in student enterprises getting engaged well with the online business methodology; in coming years, the online and conventional business approach will activate simultaneously.

FEB has 3,484 student enrolment as of June 2021, and more than  3,500 students have graduated from the first graduation ceremony held in 2011.  FBE employs 104 academics at various positions such as professors, associate professors, and lectures in scholarly composition—meanwhile, 19 staffs assist in the administrative tasks. Thus, the best blend of teams (academic and non-academic) in FEB helps achieve vision and mission, primarily to become the focal driver in evolving entrepreneurship. Besides, FEB constantly aims to inculcate entrepreneurial spirit among society within and outside UMK to produce an entrepreneurship-oriented community that can contribute to the nation's well-being and produce entrepreneur graduates with good values,  knowledgeable and skilled.

Captivatingly, 290 graduate students of FBE managed to establish and operate their own companies. Moreover, last year's records showed that 91.4 per cent of graduates succeeded to get a job after their graduation. Thus, FBE reached to exceed the national benchmark of 10 per cent for graduate entrepreneurship employability. The accomplishment made by FEB uplift the image of UMK in the eyes of stakeholders. Therefore, FEB is the perfect place to learn about entrepreneurship. Students can gather experience and wisdom from the business community while combining their academic knowledge with field practitioners to solve real-world hitches. Accordingly, FEB recognised as the champion in entrepreneurship education within the university and in the country. The `2U2I' programme that requires students to undergo two years of intensive courses at the university and two years of attachment in the selected industry is unique and pioneered by FBE, UMK.   The `2U2I'  education model of FBE, UMK become a guide to other universities intended to offer blended university-industry entrepreneurship education. The Mini SEED program of FBE won the 'Student-Driven Sustainability Project of the Year Award' category at the Asia-Pacific Triple E-Awards on Entrepreneurship and Engagement Excellence in Higher Education (ACEEU) on 10 January 2020 in India. It speaks well on another FEB's dynamic entrepreneurial model.

The postgraduate wing of FEB, named the Malaysian Graduation School of Entrepreneurship and Business in 2012, offers professional courses, including Master of Business Administration (MBA) and Doctor of Business Administration (DBA). In addition, FBE attracts students from across the globe to join the faculty's unique research community and pursue any selected programme such as Doctor of Philosophy, Master in Entrepreneurship, and Master in Islamic Finance. FEB has listed several strategic moves under its five-year plan to strengthen academic contents and delivery, enhance human resources potentials, and increase the international, industry and community networks. Research collaborations established with prestigious local and international universities. Additionally, FBE actively engaged with the industry through research and innovation. Participations in research and innovation and teaching and learning resulted in winning many reputable awards.
The recent establishment of Angkasa-University Research Academy (AURA) marks another achievement of FBE. Besides AAPBS, FBE holds membership with ABEST21, AACSB, The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (CLIT) and Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA). In addition, a wide range of industrial collaborations that FEB actively engaged in teaching an entrepreneurial spirit that can contribute to the nation's well-being. FBE, UMK welcome members of AAPBS to form a partnership in championing academic excellence endeavour to better humankind. "Entrepreneurship is Our Thrust" 




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