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Innovation with the GRE® Program at ETS Elicits New Strategies


Shortly before the outbreak of the pandemic, the GRE® Program formed the GRE Business School Team. It is comprised of six Strategic Advisors, each with higher education and/or business school admissions experience. The team was developed to support business schools with information and guidance to help business school professionals like you achieve your goals, including enhancing diversity and inclusion. The Business School Team can help you advise prospective students, create smart recruitment strategies, and evaluate and compare applicants using GRE scores as part of your holistic admissions process. This collaboration with business schools allows the GRE Program to support students and test takers on their business school journey.


GRE® General Test Fluency Series

The Business School Team has developed a dynamic, easy-to-digest webinar series or one-on-one sessions to provide information, guidance and data to help you reach your enrollment goals. The four modules of the GRE General Test Fluency Series deliver information to help you understand how to use GRE scores as part of your admissions process. Topics covered include who takes the test, the undergraduate backgrounds of our test takers, access to market


data, best practices for recruiting and tools and resources that schools can use to access our test-taker database. 


GRE General Test: Fluency Module I

A great introduction to the test or refresher for all business school professionals. Learn about the section-level adaptive nature of the GRE General Test, the history of the GRE test and why a wide variety of programs are using it as part of the admissions process and the registration process, the GRE® Fee Reduction Program and testing accommodations

The GRE General Test Market: Fluency Module II

Perfect for business school recruiting, marketing and admissions professionals and faculty interested in the individuals that take the test. Hear details about the test-taker market, the use of the ETS® Data Manager to inform your recruitment strategy and how to connect with candidates interested in business programs across the globe with the GRE® Search Service.


The GRE General Test Tools for the Test Taker: Fluency Module III

Insights for business school recruiting, marketing and admissions professionals. Gather tips and insights to help you create a great first impression for potential applicants, effectively share your class profile and the five reasons you should include admissions test preparation tools for potential applicants.


The Role of the GRE General Test in Your Holistic Admissions Process: Fluency Module IV

Insights for the whole business school team — from deans to faculty, recruiters to admissions. You will hear about ETS’s processes to ensure a fair testing experience for all, test security and administration practices, how ETS develops GRE test questions and safeguards testing integrity, what is tested and why and how this all rolls up to support your holistic admissions process.


For access to any or all of the modules, you are invited to contact Jay Kang (, Associate Director, Academic Relations, to schedule one-on-one sessions for your school.


You may also register to attend a live webinar presented online.



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