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Sasin School of Management in Bangkok, Thailandrecently celebratedits 39th birthday, and the beginning of its 40thyear of operations. Sasin was established in 1982 through a collaboration among Chulalongkorn University, the Kellogg School of Management, and The Wharton Business School.

In a talk with Sasin faculty and staff, Professor Ian Fenwick noted the importance of remembering the school’s roots.“From the start, Sasin was built on the pursuit of excellence. The founders of Sasin were not world-famous YouTube influencers, or TikTok celebrities. I suspect they were mostly unknown outside Thailand!Yet they came up with the idea of a business school founded on a collaboration across continents – a business school that would use visiting faculty in a way never attempted. It was an example of the power of entrepreneurial insight in action.

Now in our 40th year, we face the challenge once more to reboot, to re-energize, to fire up our entrepreneurial spirits, to recognize the opportunities in the crises that the pandemic has

brought, and to move forward with excellence. Welcome to our 40th year:40 Forward!”.

Over the years,the school has undergone dramatic transformations and is now the longest accredited business school in Thailand and one of the top-ranked business programs in Asia. Sasin continues to innovate and evolve as it strives to

inspire.connect.transform for a better, smarter, and sustainable world.


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