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Reconnect with your peers from the Asia Pacific region to discover best practices in internationalization, hybrid learning, business schools addressing societal challenges, and experiential learning.

The best schools in Asia Pacific are building better outcomes for their students, faculty, and other stakeholders through knowledge sharing at AACSB conferences, like the upcoming Asia Pacific Annual Conference, to be held virtually from 17–19 November.

This conference features an engaging and informative keynote session: Leading Organizations With AI: Challenges and Opportunities. In this session, you will explore the role of AI in business schools and how it interfaces with your leadership behaviors.

Discover the full conference agenda to build your event experience, addressing topics like international strategies, the AACSB 2020 standards, lifelong learning as a strategy to connect to business, addressing social challenges, and more.

Register by November 3 to save 200 USD. 

Recent Articles

Accreditation and the Cultural Gap

Schools in certain parts of the world—particularly those in Asia—face challenges in achieving accreditation. But these roadblocks can be overcome.

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Masters in business analytics degrees are quickly becoming some of the most sought-after degrees among Chinese business students.

Where Thought Leadership Meets Societal Impact

A step-by-step approach for setting mission-driven goals and achieving positive societal transformation.

The Unbundling of Business Education

Are microcredentials the wave of the future? Or merely signs of other things to come? Its time to prepare for the long game in higher education.


Featured Event

Geoff Perry, AACSB Executive Vice President and Chief Officer Asia Pacific, looks forward to seeing you at the upcoming AAPBS annual conference this November 11 in his keynote session.

Upcoming AACSB Events

Agile Strategic Planning Seminar| December 10, 2021

Micro Plans and Societal Impact Strategic Planning | February 7, 2022

Assurance of Learning Seminar I| December 1–3, 2021

Assurance of Learning Seminar II | November 8–10, 2021

Business Accreditation Seminar| November 22–25, 2021

Continuous Improvement Review Seminar | January 27–28, 2022

Lessons for Aspiring Deans Seminar |November 11–12, 2021


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