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Hi Ubaya School of Management-tizen,

Have you been following the latest news about a new specialty program for the Management Department launch event? Yep! Starting last November 12, Entrepreneurial Marketing (EM) was officially launched as Ubaya collaborated with MarkPlus to facilitate its students optimally.

From this collaboration, you can feel the impact on learning, certification, internship, and thesis later. Of course, during your internship in semester 7, you will be guided by 1 academic supervisor and 1 practitioner.

Dr. Ir. Benny Lianto, M.M.B.A.T., as the Ubaya Rector who also attended the launch event yesterday, said that innovation and a proactive attitude are needed because conventional marketing is starting to be considered less effective. Therefore, Ubaya took the initiative in reforming conventional marketing.

Moreover, Dr. (HC) HermawanKartajaya (Founder & Chairman of MarkPlus Inc.) also conveyed his insight on the importance of having CI-EL (Creativity, Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Leadership) and PIPM (Productivity, Improvement, Professionalism, Management).

It's really fascinating; this new specialty program adds another good choice for those of you who join the Ubaya Management Department.

(patriciadewi Kusuma)

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Hi FBE Ubayatizen!💙

On November 18, 2021, Ubaya LPPM (Institute for Research and Community Engagement) organized a Matching Fund socialization for the Ubaya lecturers who intend to submit proposals for the 2022 Matching Fund and potential business and industrial partners (DUDI). The Matching Fund itself is a Ministry of Education, Culture, Research, and Technology of the Republic of Indonesia program that creates an MKBM ecosystem between DUDI and higher education institutions by providing an intensive matching fund scheme.

The resource persons in this socialization were the Ubaya Rector, Dr. Benny Lianto, Head of LPPM Prof. Suyanto, and the Head of the Creative Acceleration Working Team of the Directorate General of Higher Education. There were several discussions in this socialization, such as Ubaya's Matching Fund achievement in 2021 funding, the Matching Fund's target for 2022 funding, and an invitation to collaborate from Ubaya with DUDI, who participated in this socialization.

Through this Matching Fund program, it is hoped that Ubaya can collaborate with DUDI to support programs and achievements related to MBKM.


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