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In this web 3.0 era, various types of the digital economy continue to develop from time to time. So how should we as students studying business and economics act? What insights should we have on the digital economy?

On Monday (10/1), the Head of the Accounting Department, Dr. Dedhy Sulistiawan, S.E., M.Sc., Ak., CA. and Rico Tedyono (S2 FBE Ubaya Alumni) were invited to speak at Suara Surabaya FM 100 On Air presenting the topic “Digital Economy as an Investment and Business Opportunity: Dare to Try?”

It turns out that businesses need to find out what can be carried out, such as seeing how people transact or their lifestyle and preferences. Because many other types of the digital economy may not be as big as the Metaverse, but also have a significant impact on the economy

There must be pros and cons in every new development, and that's where the market develops. Basically, it is critical to keep up with information technology developments. Lecturers at FBE Ubaya also update their knowledge to make students adaptive to existing developments.

(Patricia Dewi Kusuma)



On 17 January 2022, FBE Ubaya held a Webinar titled “Ready to Challenge The Future: Socialization of the Entrepreneurial Marketing New Specialization Program and the New Digital Business Innovation Specialization Program. The speakers in the webinar organized by FBE Ubay in collaboration with MarkClub were Dr. Deddy Marciano, S.E., M.M., CSA., CBC (the FBE Ubaya Head of the Management Department) and Ferdy Herdi Hartanto, S.T., M.M. (Senior MarkPlus Institute).

The first session was also delivered by Ferdy, who explained his specialization in Entrepreneurial Marketing. He said this specialization is a collaboration between the FBE Management Department (JMFBE) and the MarkPlus Institute, you know! So, you will not only learn theory in class, but will also be invited to do an internship at the MarkPlus office. Not only that, but many benefits will also be received from this specialization, namely three professional certifications from BNSP, two certifications from the MarkPlus Institute, and final project assistance by the MarkPlus Institute. Isn't it a premium package?

In the second session, Dr. Deddy talked further about Digital Business Innovation (DBI) specialization program. Dr. Deddy said that there would be many companies in the future that will need digital content to attract public attention; therefore, JMFBE innovates to make this DBI specialization only for you! It includes 5 compulsory and 3 elective subjects. "In DBI, there is a Content Creation subject. This is for students who want to be content creators. Well, I also want to learn this as I also want to be a YouTuber," said Pak Deddy with a smile and laugh.

Wow, so many choices, yes. Cus, please choose the one that becomes your dream, not hers, haha.

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