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The University of Otago’s Business School has officially launched its BNZ Bloomberg Markets Lab, Te Taura Takata

Located on the ground floor of the Business Building this is the first trading room in New Zealand to include a cultural narrative in its design that reflects the historical importance of the site to both the indigenous Māori and settlers.

The main sponsor of the room was the Bank of New Zealand (BNZ), with the General Manager of Māori Business, Rēnata Blair saying that, “BNZ is incredibly proud of the inclusion of the Māori motif and design that reflects the historical significance of the site. It reflects the sense of place in the trading centre and we commend the University of Otago for its integration of Maori design”.

The Pro-Vice-Chancellor od the School, Professor Robin Gauld, added to this sentiment, stating that it's powerful to see the relationships of the past leading to the development of this space in the present.

“The Otago Business School hopes that all who engage with the space, step away having learnt about the site’s historical importance, as well as having gained knowledge that can equip them for the future,” Professor Gauld says.

Thanks to all staff that worked to turn this place into a reality and you can read the rooms full story in the
Otago Bulletin as well as in the Otago Daily Times.


Above: Pro-Vice-Chancellor, Professor Robin Gauld.


Accounting students help Māori and Pasifika businesses

Students in the Department of Accounting at the University of Otago share their initiatives to support Māori and Pasifika businesses.

Students Crystal Norman, Marina Tolo and Alec Hopwood went from the blackboard to the boardroom, taking their learning into the real world in order to provide pandemic support to Māori and Pasifika businesses.
“It was such a rewarding feeling helping the businesses and it made me realise that supporting clients is the best part of an accounting career," Crystal Norman says.
You can read more about their story and the role their mentor, Dr Mariela Carvajal, played in supporting them in the
Otago Bulletin or Otago Daily Times.

Below: Dr Carvajal (left) and Marina Tolo (right).



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