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Leading the charge: Sasin’s new EV charging station to ‘inspire, connect, transform’ for sustainable lifestyles


“Sustainability and innovation are embedded in Sasin’s DNA. Electric vehicles will make a vital contribution to the sustainability of businesses and lifestyles in Thailand. We know from the experience of other countries that charging stations are the key to the adoption of EVs. These stations, bookable through an app, will not only serve members of the Sasin community but also be available for other users,” Sasin School of Management’s Director Professor Ian Fenwick said.


Sasin students and anyone with a Sharge app can now get their electric vehicles (EVs) charged right on campus. Sasin School of Management in Bangkok, Thailand has partnered with Sharge, an end-end EV solution provider, to install an EV charging station at Sasin to encourage the adoption of sustainable lifestyles by using electric vehicles (EV).


“The world is in the midst of an undeniable climate crisis. Unless we transform the way we live our lives and the way we run our businesses, our children and our children’s children will grow up in an unpleasant world,” said Professor Ian Fenwick, Director of Sasin School of Management. 


Peerapatr Sirichantaropart, Managing Director of Sharge, said that around 5000 people are using

electric cars in Thailand, but predicted that there will be 50 percent growth each year in the electric cars

market. By 2025, he believes that electric cars will become mainstream.


“EV charging stations have been around Thailand for two or three years. We want electric cars to be integrated into the lifestyle of Thais, so we’re placing our stations in condos, sports venues, and schools,” he said. 


Despite the current high cost of electric cars, in the range of 4 million baht, the government is considering lowering excise taxes and import duties on electric cars to encourage their use. 


Aung Kyaw Moe, a Sasin alumnus and the Founder and Group CEO of 2C2P, enjoys driving his blue electric car everywhere, “It’s convenient, and I can charge my car anytime I want to, and it runs smoothly,” he said. 


At present, Sharge has more than 50 EV charging stations in metropolitan Bangkok.