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NUCB Business School Transcends Borders With Hybrid Auditorium

April 9th, 2022 marked the first course of the Spring 2022 semester and the 2022 academic year at NUCB Business School. As such, MBA, MiM, and exchange students, many new to Japan, came into campus eager to put their best foot forward for the new semester. But even hardened 2nd-year students had reason to be more excited than usual: the MBA Essentials course they were attending would be the first NUCB Business School course taught in the hybrid delivery format, through which participants would be joining both on campus and remotely.

Joined by students seated before the course instructor as well as remote participants from as far as Toronto, discussion sessions brought out varying perspectives from participants, who interacted with classmates both in person and through digital interfaces more and more seamlessly as the day progressed.

Inspired by similar systems at Harvard Business School and drawing upon more than two years' experience in developing digital solutions to educational challenges, the hybrid auditorium system was conceived, developed, and constructed over the past four months, with participant-centered learning through case method teaching strictly in mind.

Boasting a high-resolution camera for blackboard visibility, state-of-the-art audio equipment for ease of communication between participants and faculty, and multiple displays transporting remote participants from all over the world straight into the classroom, the hybrid auditorium represents yet another step taken toward a future full of possibilities for higher learning.




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