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New Zealand’s Deputy Prime Minister Grant Robertson launches Otago Business School’s trading room


On Wednesday, August 17, New Zealand’s Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Finance, The Honourable Grant Robertson, officially opened the Otago Business School’s Te Taura Takata Bloomberg Trading Lab.


The launch event took place in the Business School’s Atrium from 10:30am to 11:30am and featured speeches from several prominent individuals, including BNZ CEO Dan Huggins, NZX Director Nigel Babbage, Kāti Huirapa Rūnaka ki Puketeraki Chair Matapura Ellison, University of Otago Vice-Chancellor Professor David Murdoch and Professor Robin Gauld, the Pro-Vice Chancellor and Dean of the Otago Business School.


During his speech, Deputy Prime Minister Robertson shared how he was privileged to be launching this room and understood the significance behind it as an alumnus of the University himself.


“When I was attending the University, we had four computers across the entire campus,” Robertson says.


“Since then, the University has led the way in terms of access to technology and so I want to acknowledge the extraordinary partnerships displayed here today.


He went on to share his experience of becoming involved in the world of finance and how he believes it is as much a battle of psychology as it is having an understanding of fiscal matters.


“One of the things I learnt when becoming involved in the finance world is that it is a battle of psychology that dictates where we are going and the mood of the nation.


“So, for me this is as much a psychology lab as it is a trading lab and I am incredibly proud to return here.


“The historical ties that bind me to this place and draw me back here make me delighted to open Te Taura Takata today,” Roberston says.


Professor Gauld was the host of the event, welcoming and acknowledging the attending visitors.


“We have gathered here to open Te Taura Takata and so a big welcome to manawhenua and other esteemed guests who have come along today,” Professor Gauld says.

“A very special thanks to all those who have worked tirelessly behind the scenes to make this room a reality.


“We hoped to stage a grand event to celebrate this and so are glad we were able to gather here today; committed to being your partners and doing work that matters to both people and the planet.”


The University’s Vice-Chancellor, Professor Murdoch, reflected this in his speech as well, saying that it gave him “great pleasure” to be in attendance, before thanking the room’s sponsors for all they had done to support this project.


“It gives me great pleasure to be here today and I would like to thank BNZ and NZX for their very generous support, this simply would not have happened without you,” Professor Murdoch says.


Following this, Professor Gauld introduced the CEO of BNZ Dan Huggins, who spoke about why BNZ felt impassioned to sponsor the creation of the space.


“It is a privilege to be here today representing BNZ at the launch of the Bloomberg Markets lab,” Mr Huggins says. 


“Bloomberg terminals really are the lifeblood of markets, businesses and this lab will be one of the largest in the country; there are more terminals here than we have in the bank!


“This is a huge facility that we know will be really valued by students.”


Mr Allison closed with a karakia (prayer) and guests enjoyed the remainder of the celebration by having some kai (food) and sharing in the significance of the space and all it will hold for the future.


Otago Bulletin: Past, present and future that shaped BNZ Bloomberg Markets Lab Te Taura Takata

Otago Business School

Above: Esteemed guests celebrating in the Pacific Island welcome festivities.

Below: New Zealand’s Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Finance, The Honourable Grant Robertson ringing the trading room bell to signify its opening. 

Below: Professor Robin Gauld, the Pro-Vice Chancellor and Dean of the Otago Business School hosting the event.

Below: Unveiling of the plaque to commemorate the ceremonial opening of Te Taura Takata, the BNZ Bloomberg Markets Trading Lab.

Prominent University of Otago alumni and academics “Talk Business”


For the first time ever, the University of Otago Business School will be featuring the thoughts of prominent alumni in the 2022 edition of its annual publication “Let’s Talk Business”.


Philippa Fourbet (General Manager of BNZ Markets), Lindsay Zwart (CEO of Vodafone NZ), Antonia Watson (CEO of ANZ), Christopher Walsh, (Founder and CEO of MoneyHub), Lemalu Silao Vaisola-Sefo (CEO of South Seas Healthcare) and Duncan Hawkesby (Director of HML) have all contributed their thoughts this year’s edition.


Previously known as “Rebuilding Aotearoa”, the purpose of this publication is to address the challenges and ideas that are currently circulating and relevant to business in New Zealand.


It contains the thoughts of notable academics, and now alumni, on a particular theme relevant to the current times with this year’s theme being, “Going Digital”.


The Pro-Vice-Chancellor of the Otago Business School, Robin Gauld, explains the thinking behind this year’s theme, stating that government agencies, businesses, academic institutions and other organisations will need to be considering this as they journey forward.


As society moves into a COVID-19-influenced new-normal the question stands; how are organisations embracing the technological changes that are taking place around us, in our lives and in how we work?”, Professor Gauld says. 

“How have organisations remained functional during the pandemic, as well as upskilling and improving in a world changing faster and more drastically than predicted?

“This years ‘Let’s Talk Business’ aims to get CEO’s and Professors together to answer these relevant and timely questions, providing a fascinating insight into not only how New Zealand business is currently operating but also what the future will be like.”


Professor Gauld further adds that the introduction of alumni to the publication, rather than keeping it exclusive to academic commentary, was to ensure that a variety of voices were heard in the unpackaging of this topic, presenting a more “holistic view as to how the nation is tackling digital challenges and offering digital solutions”.


Below: Pro-Vice-Chancellor and Dean of the Otago Business School, Professor Robin Gauld.


Hospitality and Tourism Management subject ranked 23rd worldwide and best in Aotearoa 

Hospitality and tourism management has ranked 23rd worldwide in the
Shanghai Ranking Consultancy’s Academic Ranking of World Universities.

Head of the Department of Tourism, Professor Brent Lovelock, has been with the University of Otago for the past 22 years and is glad to see it receiving recognition for all its efforts.

“The Shanghai Ranking Consultancy is an independent organisation that conducts the Academic Ranking of World Universities,” Professor Lovelock says.

“The process for evaluating higher education intelligence is transparent, rigorous and impartial, which gives weight to this ranking.

“We look forward to celebrating this and using it to fuel our desire to continue being the best learning environment we can be.”

You can read more about this success in the Otago Bulletin.

Above: Head of the Otago Business School’s Department of Tourism, Professor Brent Lovelock.


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