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Recent Thought Papers, Reports, and Insights

How Can Today’s Students Make an Impact Tomorrow?
Business students want to make a difference in the world, but first they must develop the skills and value systems that will allow them to succeed.

Meeting the Rising Demand for Microlearning
Educational providers test the market for micro and “bite-sized” courses that allow learners to quickly learn applicable skills.

CSOs Must Lead Inside and Out
As more companies add chief sustainability officers to their C-suites, our students must develop the collaborative skills that this critical role requires.

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Upcoming AACSB Learning Opportunities

Strategic Planning Seminar | 21–22 September

Societal Impact Seminar | 23 September

Assurance of Learning II | 10 –12 October

Business Accreditation Seminar | 17–20 October

Continuous Improvement Review | 25 –26 October

For the first time, AACSB is pleased to offer sessions from our largest annual conference, ICAM, in on-demand format! Watch 15 recorded sessions (more than 11 hours of content) at your convenience, anytime, anywhere. Register to gain immediate access and share with your peers!

Conferences Recommended for You

Societal Impact Conference: Leaders Accelerating Change

24–25 October| New York City

Asia Pacific Annual Conference          
16–18 November| Bangkok, Thailand  
Hosted by Chulalongkorn University

 A.I. and Analytics Conference
5–8 December| Virtual

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