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The Quality Assurance Academy (QAA)
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The Quality Assurance Academy (QAA) is a comprehensive training offer for business schools’ quality assurance professionals. It focuses on developing leadership competencies and managerial skills to meet the diverse professional challenges encountered daily in business school quality assurance/quality management (QA/QM) work. The QAA cuts across all major quality assurance frameworks to develop and refine the participants’ understanding of the underlying methodologies and their purpose. Therefore, it is seen as a general qualification opportunity rather than training to support a specific accreditation project.

The QAA is brought to you in partnership with Academ by RimaOne.


Target group

The QAA is offered to any quality assurance professional, either currently employed or in-between jobs. The design has been built around the needs of business schools. Still, professionals filling similar roles on the university level or in other faculties are most welcome to apply as well. The typical applicant will have up to three years of QA-specific experience.

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Connect your students and alumni with companies and organisations from around the globe in a sophisticated job fair simulation environment that enables real-time interaction between recruiters and candidates. We are pleased to continue the EFMD Global Fairs powered by Highered in 2022, allowing companies and organisations to attract and engage top talent from participating member schools while strengthening their employer branding.


The 2022 offer will consist of two three-day global fairs, including hybrid elements, allowing companies greater visibility and employer branding while providing talent with the opportunity to prepare their visits with an employer-focused approach properly, complemented by a free private event, to be organised by your school on the same platform. If your school career event agenda is already set up and you know you will organise more than one private event, you can book extra private events at a discounted fee.


Dates: 18-20 October 2022

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The Strategic Leadership Programme for Deans is an unmissable leadership and development experience for new directors of business schools.

It is the ideal place for newly appointed deans to gain and share best practices.

Join this is the ideal platform for learning and sharing experience that brings together new directors of business schools with experienced leaders of top institutions around the world.

This high-level programme will help you master your position as head of a school and arm you with solutions to complex and strategically challenging problems.

The new edition of the programme will focus on the full cycle of deanship: becoming a dean, being a dean and transitioning out.


Target group
Newly appointed Deans or Director General of the entire institution with overall school management responsibility.

Dates: 25-28 October 2022

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