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Sasin School of Management  Sasin Summit 2023 - Technology & Sustainability: New Frontiers  January 4-6, 2023, at Sasin
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Sasin School of Management 

Sasin Summit 2023 - Technology & Sustainability: New Frontiers 

January 4-6, 2023, at Sasin School of Management, Bangkok, Thailand 


As we navigate a world of perpetual disruption, technology plays an increasingly dominant role in every aspect of our lives. Big data and digital transformation are changing the way we work and live. Businesses will only thrive into the future by constantly re-inventing themselves, by perpetual transformation. 


The imperative for transformations must be the creation of sustainable businesses. We have all seen what unbridled business can do to our lives and our planet. If our children and children’s children are to have a world in which to thrive—a better, smarter, sustainable world—crafting that world, not destroying it, must be at the very top of our agenda. 

Is there an inherent tension or friction between technology and sustainability? Can technological innovation be sustainable? Moving forward, what role will technology play in sustainable development; can tech solve the challenges of sustainability? 


As part of its 40th anniversary, Sasin School of Management will host an international conference in Bangkok that will bring together academics and practitioners to share research and practice linking technological innovation and sustainable development. This summit will focus on the opportunities, threats, and intended and unintended consequences of technology on sustainability. 


The 3-day event will include keynote presentations, talks, workshops, networking sessions, and an exhibition to showcase cutting-edge innovations from practitioners contributing to sustainable development. 


Academic Papers 

We invite contributions in the form of academic papers that look towards a future where technology plays a crucial role achieving Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Academic papers covering the nexus of technology and sustainability are invited, but the following topics are likely to be the focus of the conference: 

• Experiences in leveraging technology for sustainability 

• The use of technology in delivering SDGs 

• Blockchain and the delivery of sustainability 

• Technological innovations along supply chains 

• Green technology to deliver solutions to climate change 

• Artificial intelligence (AI) and sustainability 

• Technology and the circular economy 

• Intended and unintended consequences of digital technology 

• Environmental innovation 

• Sustainability and technology: Implications for business strategy 

• Case studies of successful technological innovations improving sustainability performance 


Selected papers are invited for submissions to one of the following supporting journals: 

• Sustainable Development 

• Business Strategy and the Environment 

• Business Strategy and Development 

• Corporate Social Responsibility and Environmental Management 


If you are interested in presenting a paper, please send your title and a 200-250 word abstract to



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