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In 2021, working with LinkedIn, CarringtonCrisp published a report examining the future of lifelong and executive education, discovering the rapid adoption of online learning among both employers and employees.  Yet the world moves quickly and what was right then, may not be now.


In the depths of a pandemic which had forced almost all organisations to rapidly digitise their businesses, moving to online learning was a natural next step.  And, for some, it offered considerable cost savings, greater flexibility and an opportunity to access learning brands that had previously seemed out of reach.


Today, COVID is very much in the background. Instead, we live in a world racked by geopolitical tensions and economic uncertainty, a world where AI is at the heart of so many conversations, and a world where many employers struggle to recruit sufficient skilled staff to deliver their products and services.


Some of the big learning technology businesses are laying off thousands of workers, yet at the same time investment continues to flow into edtech start-ups around the world.  Consulting companies continue to build learning provision to extend the scope of their offers. Even a bank has a learning platform open to all. For some building a brand is as important as building quality and impactful learning experiences.





So what is the future of lifelong and executive education?  How will work change?  What will employers want?  How will employees want to learn?  And what part can business schools play in the landscape of lifelong and executive education?


In late September, CarringtonCrisp will start work on the second study of ‘The future of lifelong and executive education’.  With a global survey of 10,000 learners and 1,000 employers, corporate interviews and desk research, the study will provide detailed insights into the current state of the market and future developments.  Each participating school will receive:


  • A detailed report covering all aspects of the research - surveys, interviews and desk research; 
  • Insights on the specific positioning of their school in the executive education and lifelong learning marketplace; 
  • Comprehensive data sets detailing the findings from the total survey sample and splits based on a variety of metrics such as location, age of learners, size of company, etc, and  
  • Individual school presentations of the findings to allow detailed discussion of what the results mean for your school.


For details of how to take part, please contact Andrew Crisp at CarringtonCrisp at


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