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Shorter GRE for the Business School 

The GRE® General Test has recently introduced a shorter version, and here are five compelling reasons why choosing the Shorter GRE over the GMAT Focus Edition could be the best decision for aspiring business school candidates. 


1. Shorter Duration: 

The Shorter GRE takes less than two hours, making it a convenient option for students with busy schedules. It is designed to respect their time without compromising the depth of assessment. 

2. Cost-Effective 

Every penny counts when investing in higher education. The Shorter GRE is more budget-friendly than the GMAT, potentially saving your students up to $80, depending on their test location. This cost-effectiveness ensures that students can allocate their resources to what truly matters—quality education. 


3. Test taker friendly 

The GRE offers several advantages for test takers.  

It allows the use of a calculator during the Quantitative Reasoning sections, enhancing the test-taker experience and focusing on measuring reasoning skills. In contrast, the GMAT doesn't offer this advantage, making the GRE a friendlier choice. 

The GRE employs section-level adaptive testing for Verbal and Quantitative Reasoning, allowing them to answer questions in any order they want and change answers within each section. The GMAT, on the other hand, uses question-level adaptive testing, which restricts answer changes and the questions get progressively harder as they perform well.  

Additionally, if students decide to take the GRE multiple times, they can choose to send scores from their Most Recent test, All their attempts, or Any specific test administration allowing them to present their abilities in the best light to stand out in the admissions process. 


4. More Broadly Accepted 

One of the most significant advantages of the GRE is its broad acceptance. While the GMAT is intended primarily for business schools, the GRE opens doors to thousands of graduate, business, and law programs. This broad acceptance gives your students greater flexibility and choice in their academic pursuits. In addition, it allows your school to attract more students with diverse backgrounds. 

5. Comprehensive Testing 

The Shorter GRE General Test and the GMAT Focus Edition both assess Verbal Reasoning and Quantitative Reasoning. However, the GRE goes a step further by maintaining an Analytical Writing section. This provides students a chance to showcase their analytical writing skills, a valuable asset in business and beyond. This provides a well-rounded view of their abilities, unlike the GMAT, which lacks this feature. 

In summary, the GRE offers a host of advantages, making it a shorter, smarter, and more accessible choice for aspiring business school students. Its broad acceptance, cost-effectiveness, test-taker-friendly design, and flexibility in score reporting are just a few reasons to recommend the GRE over the GMAT. 


We believe that the GRE is not just a test; it's a pathway to unlocking potential. As you guide your students toward their educational goals, we hope you'll consider the GRE as the key to their success. 


For more information, visit ETS at and explore the possibilities that the GRE can offer to your students. 




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