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Navigating Holistic Admissions for a Stronger Graduate Program_ETS
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Navigating Holistic Admissions for a Stronger Graduate Program

Holistic admissions, inclusive of GRE® scores, can help you admit a qualified and diverse graduate class.


What is Holistic Admissions?

The holistic admissions method looks at multiple sources of information to get the fullest picture of each applicant’s potential. By combining quantitative data like test scores and undergraduate GPA with more qualitative indicators such as letters of recommendation and work experience, you can be confident you have a more complete view of each applicant to fairly assess fit within your program.



The benefits of using GRE scores

The GRE General Test and GRE Subject Tests were designed to achieve a specific intended purpose that adds value to the admissions decision-making process.


GRE scores can:

support institutions’ efforts to identify which applicants are academically prepared for graduate-level study provide a common, objective measure to help programs fairly compare applicants from different backgrounds

For more information, see the GRE® Guide to the Use of Scores (PDF) and Using Scores.


The Essential Role of GRE scores


Webinars and Courses

The Value of the GRE General Test in a Holistic Admissions Process


Each component of the application packet serves a purpose, and each has its imperfections. You will know the purpose and benefits of the GRE General Test, and how to interpret GRE scores. You will better understand sources of bias in admissions and the role of GRE scores in helping or hindering bias.

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A Guide to Holistic Admissions

Learn about the full breadth of practices that promote fairness processes that mitigate bias, and strategies that can help you achieve your enrollment goals.

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Holistic Admissions Master Class

Take this free course to better achieve your enrollment goals. In this free course, you’ll hear from experts with decades of experience in academia. They’ll show you how small changes to your process can help you minimize bias and achieve the goals that are unique to your program, including maximizing fit and increasing diversity.



For more information about how GRE scores can be used as part of holistic admissions, see our Holistic Admissions site.


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